I make art primarily concerned with acts of interiority that are influenced by   connections to physical space and emotional time.  


Nikita is a Barbadian-British multi-disciplinary artist utilising photography, audio-visual and 3-dimensional mixed-media to reflect on the meaning of things, people and places. Questions of belonging sits at the heart of their practice

An evolving part of N.A's practice incorporates collaborative investigations with other artists and creatives. They use experimental methods of production and interpretation to present an open forum for discussing and ideas on contemporary culture

Nikita holds a degree in Contemporary Photography (BA Hons, 2014) and a Postgraduate degree in Museology (MA, 2019). They are currently training in curatorial practices centred on care at Manchester Art Gallery for the inaugural year of Iniva Commission to Collect partnership.



...I, 2013 - Clear Exhibition, Piccadilly Place

Fugue, 2014 - Semblence, CFCCA

Elecsolacardiograph, 2015 - For What it's Worth, Lincoln House

Places of This Kind, 2016 - Art Show, Victoria Railway Station

Reno at the Whitworth, 2019 - 2020 -  Whitworth Art Gallery

Drawing With, Jade Montserrat x Nikita Gill - Block Universe Sessions: Digital Performance

Constellations: Care&Resistance - 2020 - ongoing - Manchester Art Gallery


Reno 12 x Studio Space, 2019 - 2020 -  Whitworth Art Gallery

A Seat at the Table (for Bodies of Colour), 2019 - Whitworth Art Gallery

Drawing Out (for Constellations: Care and Resistance), 2020 - Manchester Art Gallery

Liminal Space (digital/online)

Meandering Networks, Mapping Nations - Glasgow International 2021

Block Universe: Drawing Out, From, With x Jade Montserrat, 2020

Act 1: Ira - Curiosity and Creative Language (Jade Montserrat, Rivca Rubin, Mauri Carlin, Rooted Zine), 2020 - INIVA

Act 2: Scoring Performance (Jade Montserrat, Jack Tan, Amy Lawrence), 2021 - INIVA

Act 3: On Publishing Radical Constitutions (Jade Montserrat, No Matter Poetry, Hamja Ahsan), 2021 - INIVA

Ira Aldridge Study Day, 2021 - INIVA x Future Collect

Collecting Performance Study Day,  2021 - INVA x Future Collect


- BBC Little Postcard Challenge, 2015, Whitworth Art Gallery - Curatorial Assistant

- Healing Histories (Health at Home) 2016, Manchester Central Library - Co-curator

- Excavating The Reno, colonising the Whitworth 2017 - Assistant Curator, Whitworth Art Gallery

- My Recoverist Family, Mark Prest & David Hoyle - Portraits of Recovery Project, 2017

- The Reno at the Whitworth, 2018-2019 - Assistant curator

- Joy Forever, 2019 - Assistant Curator, Whitworth Art Gallery

- Constellations: Care & Resistance, 2020 - Manchester Art Gallery

- Drawing Inspiration: The Art of the Ceramic Medical Object, Manchester Museum of Medicine and Health (upcoming)

Collections Development:

- Marcantonio Raimondi and Raphael, 2016, Whitworth Art Gallery (Digitization Supervisor)

- Ceramic Collection, 2016 - Museum of Medicine and Health (Curatorial Assistant)

- Lucienne Day, 2017 (Digitization Supervisor) - Whitworth Art Gallery

- Collections Management Intern Supervisor, 2015 - 2018

- Collections Researcher, LGBTQ+ collections development, Greater Manchester Police Museum, 2017

- Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection, Digitization Assistant, 2017 

- Assistant Curator of Historic Fine Art, Whitworth Art Gallery, 2017 

- COMMISSION TO COLLECT, Iniva|Manchester Art Gallery, 2020 - present


Art & Nature, ARNA - Harlösa, Sweden 2017

Spirit of the Mas, Secrets of the Ocean - WeR1 Caribbean Carnival Mas Band attaché, England 2017 - present

INIVA Future Collect - Curator in Training